Naimisha Forest

The Mystery of the Lockdowns

Silvrback blog imageIn “How many lives would a more normal president have saved?” New York Times columnist Ross Douthat wonders how many Americans died because of President Trump’s “abnormal” reluctance to embrace stricter lockdown measures. Douthat’s speculations never get close to the likely correct answer, though, which is . . .

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September 12, 2020

Will "Law-and-Order Minorities" Put Trump Over the Top in 2020?

2020 is when racial identity politics, after creeping up on Democrats for years, finally pounced and ate the party’s entire brain.

  • Example: the startling refusal of Democrats at any level to condemn the nationwide “BlackSilvrback blog image Lives Matter” rioting as an unacceptable form of protest.
  • Example: picking a Vice President . . .

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August 26, 2020

Death versus Dollars

Are U.S. COVID Outcomes Better than Europe?

Silvrback blog imageEurope has taken a much harsher economic thrashing from COVID-19 than the United States while suffering fewer deaths. How you rate the pandemic performance of these two great polities thus depends on how you value dollars versus deaths. Arguably, the U.S. has done better than Europe.

Eurozone real GDP in April-to-June 2020 was 15.3% . . .

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July 31, 2020

Hello President Trump: Let’s Not Repeat the Economic Tragedy of the 2010s in the 2020s

If President Trump wants to bring the economy quickly back to full employment, he will have to confront the Establishment wing of his Republican party. The clash – if it comes – will be over Establishment Republican hostility to Silvrback blog imagegovernment spending. More spending will be needed to bolster an economy staggering under the blows of . . .

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June 12, 2020

The Chinese Emperor's New Economic Clothes

All economic data contain errors, but China’s are a work of art. Like its numbers on COVID-19 infections and deaths, its official economic statistics are political artifacts, carefully devised to cloak the failings and trumpet the superiority of China’s one-party Silvrback blog imagepolitical capitalist system over our liberal-democratic . . .

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April 24, 2020

"My folks sell me and yo' folks buy me." (Shorter version)

Some History of African Slavery

Here is an earlier post on the history of African slavery, but leaving out a long preface about the rapper Kanye West that seemed compelling at the time, but quite forgettable now. The subject is the role of African elites in the management of theSilvrback blog image global slave trade. Most African slaves were sold into slavery by other Africans, by African . . .

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April 13, 2020

Lock Down Links

April 2020

PlagueLit Anyone?

My Facebook literary group is keen to read about plagues. Albert Camus’ “The Plague” is popular.  I like a more indirect approach to PlagueLit, though.

Silvrback blog imageThe classic Chinese novel “Outlaws of the Marsh” is hardly at all about plagues, but the action does get kickstarted by one, as I . . .

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April 11, 2020


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